Cook Arboricultural Services undertake aerial surveys (climbing inspections) on over 1,200 trees per year with the number continually rising.

The majority of aerial tree inspections are undertaken on London Plane Trees (platanus x hispanica) throughout London to search for and identify massaria (splanchnonema platani).

Cook Arboricultural Services can provide a tailored service to clients so that they can manage the risk that their tree stock represents though regular aerial tree Inspections and documentation of their current condition.

Massaria is a fungus that infects London Plane trees and can infect and kill a branch or limb within a three-month timescale. It is a well known and well documented disease of London Plane trees and requires annual, and in some cases bi-annual, inspections of the trees to maintain their health and reduce the risk of the disease spreading leading to branch and limb failure. Given the huge stock of London Plane trees in the urban environment and the risk infected limbs pose to the environment in which they are in, it is the responsibility of the owners of the trees to be proactive in their management of this disease.