Where there is a wish or requirement to re-plant a new tree in the same location as a previously removed tree, stump grinding is a service we offer.

There may also be a requirement to remove a stump without re-planting purely for aesthetic purposes or change of use of the site a removed tree previously occupied.

Cook Arboricultural Services operate two types of stump grinder. A ‘Rayco RG 13’ which is a small machine suitable for use in areas such as back gardens where access maybe restricted.

This machine will fit through a opening as narrow as 65 centimetres and is ideal for smaller jobs although bigger stums can still be ground out. The machine will grind out stumps and roots to a depth of 300mm below the level of the ground it sits on.
For bigger stumps where access is not so tight, we operate a ‘Predator 50RX’ tracked stump grinder which can handle much larger jobs with ease. The machine will fit through a gap as narrow as 780mm and grind down to a depth of 400mm.