Arboricultural Machinery Hire Surrey

Cook Arboricultural Services also provides arboricultural machinery hire with experienced operators to ensure maximum productivity for the hire period. Please get in touch on 0207 859 4825 or at for more details.

Fendt 939 & Bigab hook loader trailer with forestry grab for hire

The Fendt 939 is our 400hp tractor that we use to tow our 40 cubic yard roll on/off bins for green waste removal. The machine is ideal for bulk waste removal which can then be disposed of at our facility in Brockham where all green waste is 100% recycled. Due to the Fendt’s off-road capability, this enables it to collect green waste from off road locations such as building sites or woods where normal trucks cannot go. The trailer is equipped with an 8-meter forestry grab meaning it has the ability to self-load, negating the need for a telehandler or excavator on site. The tractor and trailer can also be used in conjunction with the Avant 860i where there is a need to extract waste from restricted access sites.

Avant 860i for hire

The Avant 860i is the largest machine in the Avant range and is ideal for work where there is restricted access and other, larger machines cannot reach. With a width of only 1.5 meters and a lifting capacity of 1.9 tonnes it is extremely versatile and can save huge amounts of time and money on a job. The lift height of 3.5 meters means the machine can tip over the top of 40 cubic yard roll on/off bins as well as perform a variety of different functions dependant on the attachment used. The Avant 860i is also able to be transported on a regular plant trailer using a van or pickup saving on expensive transport costs using larger vehicles.
Arboricultural Machinery Hire Surrey | Avant 860i & Attachments

Tree shear

The tree shear can cut trees up to 200 mm in diameter. It is ideal for small thinning works or roadside hedge maintenance. Severed trees can be handled precisely and lowered to the ground and stacked neatly in a safe manner.
Arboricultural Machinery Hire Surrey | Avant 860i & Attachments

Hi-tip bucket

The high tip bucket tips up and over as opposed to a normal bucket meaning greater clearance and reach when tipping into high sided containers.
Arboricultural Machinery Hire Surrey | Avant 860i & Attachments

General purpose grab

The grab has two powerful independent hydraulic rams to ensure that the biggest and most awkward loads can be handled safely and securely.


The 1500mm flail is driven off the machines hydraulic output. As it is mounted on the loading arm it can be operated on different gradients, reach out to 3.5 meters in front of the machine and also be used for hedges. It is ideal for scrub and vegetation clearance on sensitive sites given the light weight of the machine and minimal ground pressure on its flotation tyres. The flail is also well suited to developing and maintaining rides through woodland and heathland.

General purpose bucket and pallet forks

Additional implements for moving around material and bulk items on pallets.