Cook Arboricultural Services work closely on a number of projects with leading Arboricultural and Environmental consultants, Tim Moya Associates (TMA).

TMA provide comprehensive tree surveys, consultancy and innovative technology lead solutions for arboricultural consultancy, tree risk management, ecology and landscape. For more information, please visit their website or get in touch on 0845 094 3268 /

Example Surveys

On receipt of  your TMA report, Cook Arboricultural Services can discuss with you the best possible action to take as recommended in your report.

PiCUS Testing

Tree Population Mapping​

Tree Condition Surveys

Development Site Survey​

PiCUS Sonic Tomograph

The PiCUS works by taking readings of the velocity of sound waves through the stem from several sensors. Small nails are used to install the sensors around the trunk and each sensor is struck in turn to pass sounds waves through the tree. The result is recorded and computed to provide a full colour Tomogram (visual picture of the readings), which gives an indication of the consistency of the wood within the tree, and whether or not there is decay present. Multiple tests at various heights can produce data to build a 3D image of the level of decay.

Tree management & strategy

A tree management and Geographical Information System (GIS) that provides clients with a database of their trees. The GIS mapping shows the location of recorded trees on a digital map.

High-quality tailor-made reports and plans with photos and files attached to the individual tree records

Analysis and statistical tools

Management of enquiries from stakeholders

Interactive feature enables online client access to their tree information

Receive imports of existing tree data and export for analysis

Review and presentation to MS Office (.xls & .jpg)

Tree population analysis

Tree management support to clients through providing a detailed and informed tree strategy based on data analysis.


When required, readings can be taken using a resistograph alongside a PiCUS to verify results. Resistograph testing involves measuring the levels of resistance to drilling by passing a very fine drill through the wood to determine its consistency.