Cook Arboricultural Services are well equipped to deal with any size of tree removal or felling.

There are a number of different techniques that can be used for tree removal or felling dependant on the clients requirement and the surrounding area.

Straight felling a tree is only suitable where there is sufficient space for the tree to fall without causing any damage or risk to surrounding objects or wildlife.

The tree can then be processed on the ground and removed in its entirety. In more rural areas where space is not at a premium, a common preference is to chip the smaller branches but cut and stack the larger limbs and trunk sections into habitat piles to promote biodiversity and support wildlife.

Sectional felling and dismantling is the process of removing a tree in series of stages using rigging techniques to maintain maximum control over removed sections to alleviate the risk of damage.

Removed branches are lowered to the ground in a controlled descent using a rigging kit and this is common practice in urban areas where space is at a premium and there is high risk of damage to objects below if branches or logs are simply dropped. For very large trees or those with difficult access we can also organise a suitable size road crane to assist with a sectional dismantle.
Whatever the job, we have a number of experienced professionals who can advice our clients on the right course of action based on their requirements.